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What Are My Options?

Image by Dave Photoz

Give a Gift of Games

Gift your family or friends a short-term subscription to Perfectly Picked Games. Instead of opening one gift on their special day or holiday, now your friends/family can open gift after gift.

Pick Your Own Games

Want a little more control? Pick out your own game(s) from our shop. We offer single games or our Family Game Night Starter Kits that are sure to have your family laughing all night long!

Image by Folu Eludire
Image by Robert Coelho

Subscribe to The Club

Receive your own game(s) each month. Monthly subscriptions start at $25/month. Pick the plan that is best for you and your family.

What kind of games will we receive?

All games are vetted utilizing community rankings in coordination with the world's largest board game encyclopedia website. Here are a few examples of games shipped in the past:

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