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Opening a Gift
Excited Game Play

Put the screen down, and let's play some games!

Perfectly Picked Games is a board game service for your family to enjoy board games that might not come across your table otherwise. Spend time together away from screens and into building lasting memories and relationships with a board game from Perfectly Picked Games. We even have subscriptions offered at three different price points and fun on your family game night is our #1 goal. Are you ready to dive in and have some fun? Let's go!

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in the Golden Mojo Empire

The Call Guys

This weekly podcast rates, reviews and discusses newly released films, while also making top 3, top 5 and top 10 lists of their favorite films, and they bring on different guests to get more in-depth perspectives on their weekly topics. 

Golden Image Podcast

​Join Golden J, Chico Noise and The Skywalker as they run down breweries, restaurants, mini golf courses and sometimes even the local zoo and give you the straight answers on whether you wanna visit these places.

The United States of Paranormal (TUSOP)

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Indiana Chiefs Fans

​Join Phil (The Chief), Jeremy (Golden J), and Gunner (Chico Noise) every week, during the regular NFL season, to break down the games, do interviews from Arrowhead’s tailgate parties and give their non-qualified opinion on the rest of the season.


MurdNerds is a true crime podcast hosted by life-long best friends, Ashlee and Alicia. Join them on a journey through some of the world's most mysterious, bizarre, and unlikely cases as they look for answers and discuss their theories and opinions.

A Court of Books and Booze

Welcome to the basement book club podcast!

Join Skyler, Jess, and Amanda as they sip while they read.

The Golden 80's Podcast

​Join Golden J and Frankie Vegas as they talk about movies, music, tv shows, major events and anything 80’s. Its a flashback that won't make you dizzy!

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Dan, IN

I played games growing up, but it never caught on with our family until we subscribed to Perfectly Picked games. Now the excitement of a new game (chosen specifically for our family) brings us together at least once a month to build a recurring game night tradition.

Susan, MO

The grandkids and I totally love our first game, Crossing. It can be fast paced or slower, was easy for my 4 year old grandson and fun for my 9 year old granddaughter...The 4 year old just goes wild to snatch Granny's gems. I was surprised that such a simple premise, with few pieces can hold interest and be so much fun.

Perfectly Picked Subscriber

We played this month's pick "Love Letter" tonight, had great pace and held everyone's attention. Our preteen kids picked up on counting cards and overall strategy faster than I expected. Perfect pick for our family!
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